[ORIGENE] Gene Delivery Tools Webinar Series (Part 1): Lentivirus

Gene Delivery Tools Webinar Series (Part 1)은 Lentivirus 소개 및 적용에 대한 웨비나입니다. 바이러스 벡터를 이용한 Gene delivery는 target gene의 전달 효율을 높일 수 있기 때문에 특정 세포주에 관심 있는 유전체를 전달하는 연구용 도구로 많이 사용하고 있습니다.

Part 1: Lentivirus

  1. Background on viral gene delivery
  2. Lentivirus 101 (What, How, and Why)
  3. Safety
  4. How to produce and use lentivirus
  5. OriGene solutions & services

Q&A :

The pLenti vector is a third generation lentiviral vector and it is the safest lenti-viral vector because both LTRs are truncated. Please contact the biosafety office at your institution prior to use of the pLenti vector for permission and for further institution-specific instructions. BL2/(+) conditions should be used at all times when handling lentivirus. All decontamination steps should be performed using 70% ethanol/1% SDS. Gloves should be worn at all times when handling lentiviral preparations, transfected cells or the combined transfection reagent and lentiviral DNA.

For viral plasmids, we recommend using NEB Stable or Stbl3 competent cells.

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