[ORIGENE] Lentivirus 101: Simple Gene Delivery – eBook

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Lentivirus 101
  • How is Lentivirus Prepared? An Introduction to Lentivirus Production Methods
  • Lentivirus Workflow Production and Transduction
  • How Can Lentivirus Particles be Counted? Quantification and Analysis of Virus Particles
  • What’s the Best Way to Store Lentivirus? Smart and Safe Storage for Lentivirus Particles

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Lentivirus 101

ORIGENE Lentiviral Products and Services

Benefits of Using Lentivirus

  1. Broad cell spectrum: Lentivirus can infect many cells including dividing & non-dividing, easy-to-transfect, and hard-to-transfect cells.
  2. High transduction efficiency.
  3. Convenience: Minimal need for optimization.
  4. Safety: 3rd generation system with improved biosafety. (자료 링크)

What makes our lentiviral particles special?

  • Pre-titered, ready-to-use
  • Titer guaranteed, >10^7 TU/mL
  • Provided in the proprietary Lenti Stabilizer Solution with >1 year infectivity
  • OriGene is a legally licensed vendor for lentiviral products


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