[ORIGENE] Over-Expression Cell Lysate Controls


Western Blot, ELISA 실험을 위한 검증된 positive controls

Over-Expression Cell lysates are whole-cell lysates of HEK293T cells over-expressing a target protein where the expression of the target protein is confirmed by western blot.

Over-Expression Lysates는 어떻게 만들어지나요?

Over-Expression Lysates 특징

Feature Benefit
A comprehensive library of 20K over-expression lysates covering 80% of the human proteome; includes negative controls One-stop-shop for all positive controls
Proteins expressed in human cells, preserving native protein structure Suitable for antibody screening with a higher probability of detecting antibodies reacting with native epitopes
C-terminal tagged with Myc-DDK Ideal for protein purification
Available in two formats: Frozen and lyophilized Flexible options based on research needs, easy shipping
Protein suspended in non-SDS RIPA buffer Suitable for functional assays, immunoprecipitation, protein-protein interaction studies. Also serve as positive control for antibody screening, western blot, ELISA

Over-Expression Performance Data

Application Data #1: Antibody Validation


Five commercial antibodies against human P53 were evaluated in Western blot experiments with P53 over-expression cell lysate. P53 protein level in cell lysate was pre-determined using a purified GST-Myc-DDK standard. Lysate was serially diluted before SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting. Antibody quality and star rating is based on P53 protein detection level.

Application Data #2: Protein Activity Assay – GATA4 (LY419558)

https://www.korambiotech.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Application-Data-2.jpgDNA-binding activity of GATA4 was measured in OriGene’s over- expression lysate LY419558 and a control lysate. Three microliters of each lysate was tested with a transcription factor binding assay utilizing GATA4-specific DNA sequences. The high level of activity observed in the over-expression lysate compared to the control lysate demonstrates that the expressed GATA4 is biologically active in the lystate.

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Control Cell Lysate

Cat No. Description
LY500001 HEK293 cell lysate – no transient overexpression (negative control)
LY500002 Transient Overexpression Lysate of Myc-DDK-tGFP tags
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