[ORIGENE] Expression Vectors (Empty Vectors)가 필요하다면 클릭!

Expression Vectors

OriGene 사에서는 단백질 기능 분석, 게놈 편집 및 바이러스 벡터를 이용한 유전자 전달 등 다양한 연구에 적용 가능한 200여 가지의 expression vectors를 제공하고 있습니다. OriGene expression vectors를 다양한 실험에 적용해 보세요!

Tagged Expression Vectors

Expression Vectors (Empty Vectors)

아래 표에서 실험 조건에 맞는 Expression Vectors를 선택해 보세요!

  1. 단백질 정제 및 검출을 위한 Epitope tags

  2. 시각화를 위한 Fluorescent protein tags

  3. 안정적인 세포주 선택을 위한 Various drug selection markers

  4. 바이러스 생산을 위한 Lentiviral 및 AAV based expression vectors

Untagged Expression Vectors

  • pCMV6-XL4
  • pCMV6-XL5
  • pCMV6-XL6
  • pCMV6-Neo: Contains a Neo resistant marker for stable cell selection
  • pCMV6-AC: Contains a Neo resistant marker for stable cell selection
  • pCMV6-Entry: TrueClones in this vector contain the native stop codon before the C-terminal myc-DDK tag. Therefore, the C-terminal tag won’t be expressed

Selection marker in E. coli: Ampicillin-resistance

Selection marker in mammalian cells: None. For transient transfection only

Promoter for in vivo expression in mammalian cells: CMV promoter

Promoter for in vitro cell free system: T7 (for pCMV6-XL4 and pCMV6-XL5) and SP6 for (pCMV6-XL6)

Cloning sites: EcoRI and SalI. While EcoRI is still preserved, SalI is destroyed upon cloning.

  SKU Name Vector Type Mammalian Selection
GE100002 pCas-Guide Non-viral  
GE100018 pCas-Guide-EF1a-GFP Non-viral  
GE100140 pCas-Guide-EF1a-RFP Non-viral  
GE100022 pCas-Guide-EF1a-CD4 Non-viral  
GE100010 pLenti-Cas-Guide Lentiviral  
GE100045 pLenti-EF1a-Cas-Guide Lentiviral  
GE100003 pCas-Scramble Non-viral  
GE100021 pCas-Scramble-EF1a-GFP Non-viral  
gRNA only vectors GE100042 pGuide Non-viral  
GE100044 pGuide-EF1a-GFP Non-viral  
GE100032 pLenti-Guide-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
Cas9 only vectors GE100037 pAAVS1-Cas9-Puro-DNR Non-viral Puromycin
GE100039 pAAVS1-Cas9-BSD-DNR Non-viral Puromycin
GE100028 pLenti-Cas9 Lentiviral  
GE100029 pLenti-Cas9-IRES-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
GE100030 pLenti-EF1a-Cas9-IRES-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
GE100031 pLenti-Cas9-P2A-tGFP Lentiviral  
GE100075 pLenti-Cas9-Myc-DDK-P2A-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
GE100076 pLenti-Cas9-mGFP-P2A-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
T7 vectors
GE100025 pT7-Guide-IVT Non-viral  
GE100014 pT7-Cas9 Non-viral Neomycin
Cas9 Nickase GE100019 pCas-Guide-Nickase (H840A) Non-viral  
GE100062 pCas-Guide-Nickase (D10A) Non-viral  
GE100020 pT7-Cas9-Nickase (D10A) Non-viral Neomycin
Cas9 Dead Mutant GE100061 pCas-Guide-Nickase (D10A, H840A) Non-viral  
xCas9 Mutant GE100078 p-xCas9-Guide Non-viral  
Accessories GE100007 Annealing Buffer Non-viral Neomycin
GE100008 CF3 Primer Non-viral Neomycin
GE100017 pCMV6-Entry-Cre Non-viral Neomycin
SKU Vector FP reporter Drug selection Viral packaging
TR20003 pRS No FP Puromycin/Ampicillin Retroviral
TR30007 pGFP-V-RS Turbo-GFP Puromycin/Kanamycin Retroviral
TR30014 pRFP-C-RS Turbo-RFP Puromycin/Chloramphenicol Retroviral
TR30024 pB-RS No FP Blasticidin/Ampicillin Retroviral
TR30018 pGFP-B-RS Turbo-GFP Blasticidin/Kanamycin Retroviral
TR30023 pGFP-C-shLenti Turbo-GFP Puromycin/Chloramphenicol Lentiviral
TR30030 pRFP-C-shLenti Turbo-RFP Puromycin/Chloramphenicol Lentiviral
TR30032 pRFP-CB-shLenti Turbo-RFP Blasticidin/Chloramphenicol Lentiviral
TR30034 pGFP-A-shAAV shRNA Turbo-GFP Puromycin/Ampicillin Adeno-associated virus (AAV)
TR30035 Scrambled shRNA Control in pGFP-A-shAAV Turbo-GFP Puromycin/Ampicillin Adeno-associated virus (AAV)
TR30041 pC-shLenti None Puromycin/Chloramphenicol Lentiviral
SKU Vector E-coli Selection Mammalian Selection C-Tag Promoter
PS100124 pEntry-rtTA Ampicillin Neomycin Myc-DDK CMV
PS100125 pCMV6-AC-GFP-rtTA Ampicillin Neomycin tGFP CMV
PS100133 pCMV6-AC-tGFP-rtTA-Hyg Ampicillin Hygromycin tGFP CMV
PS100134 pCMV6-AC-Myc-DDK-rtTA-Hyg Ampicillin Hygromycin Myc-DDK CMV


SKU Description  

pEF1a-Dual Promoter, mammalian vector with C-terminal Myc-DDK Tag


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