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IHC/ICC를 위한 target protein expression이 검증된 Control 제품

  • Ready-to-use FFPE section of HEK293T cell pellets over-expressing target proteins (4 um)
  • Target protein expression is verified by western blot Both positive and negative (mock transfected cells) control are available for all targets genome wide
  • Available for all human proteins
  • All proteins are tagged at the c-terminal with myc-DDK (FLAG®)
How do you create cytotoxions?

CytoSections stained for CTLA4 with mouse-anti CTL4 monoclonal antibody (#UM800141)

CTLA4 (#TS413631)


  • New antibody screening
  • Monitoring performance for everyday IHC runs
  • Reference standard for multi center studies
OriGene # Package
 TS4xxxxx  5 slides per pack
 TS4xxxxxP5  25 slides per pack
 TB5xxxxx  1 block, custom product