[ATCC] 신제품 출시! PD-L1 Reporter Cell Line for Checkpoint Inhibitor Screening

App Note CART Luc2

최근 ATCC가 분석한 proteomics data 결과를 기반으로 PD-L1이 높은 수준으로 발현되어 있는 Solid tumor cell line인 “HCC827” 세포를 이용하여 IFN-γ-IFN-γR JAK-STAT GAS-Luc2 reporter system (HCC827 GAS-Luc2 cell line, Cat# CRL-2868-GAS-LUC2)이 새롭게 개발되었습니다.  

Cancer cell과 CD8+T cell의 PD-1/PD-L1 interaction이 inhibition 되면 bioluminescent (luciferase) signal이 발현되는 메카니즘으로 다양한 immune check point inhibitors의 efficacy, potency 및 dynamics 등을 평가할 수 있습니다. 

ATCC has generated a checkpoint luciferase reporter cell line with high expression of endogenous programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1). The reporter system contains a gamma interferon activation site (GAS)-response element upstream of the luciferase gene. In the presence of PD-1/PD-L1 inhibition, a bioluminescent signal is produced, which can be detected and quantified to evaluate inhibitor efficacy, potency, and dynamics. Learn how you can accelerate your next breakthrough in immuno-oncology.

Mechanism of Action 1

Fig1. Mechanism of action. Luciferase signal generated by HCC827-GAS-Luc2 cells upon T cell activation through the PD-L1 blockade. Created with BioRender.com.

Fig2. Schematics of PD-L1-expressing GAS-Luc2 reporter Cell line. Selected cell lines with high endogenous expression of PD-L1 were transfected with lentiviral-GAS-Luc2 plasmids.

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