[ATCC] 다양한 면역 항암 연구 (Immuno-oncology Research) Tools을 소개합니다



최근 Cancer immuno-therapy가 암치료 분야에서 가장 주목 받고 있는 신기술로 대두되면서 면역 항암 연구(immuno-oncology) 또한 빠르게 성장하고 있습니다. 면역조절제 (immunomodularoty drugs)와 생물제제 (biologics)의 개발 및 연구를 위해서는 인위적으로 면역 활성을 유도할 수 있는 다양한 human cell-based model이 필요합니다. 이에 ATCC는 다양한 방법으로 검증된 cell lines, human primary immune cells과 advanced cell models을 제공하고 있습니다.

Primary Human Immune Cells

♦ Cancer immunology studies                                       ♦ Toxicity screening                                 ♦ Transplantation and graft rejection                    ♦ Inflammation and allergy                                           ♦ Vaccine and drug development

ATCC scientists have conducted in-depth authentication and quality control analyses on each of the primary immune cell types. In addition, the utility of these cells for scientific studies has been confirmed by ATCC R&D scientists. For example, the differentiation capacity of the bone marrow CD34+ cells and the peripheral blood CD14+ monocytes was characterized. Additionally, to confirm their immune activity the peripheral blood CD56+ natural killer cells were utilized as the effector cells in an NK activity assay.

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Continuous Cell Lines

ATCC houses a vast collection of cell lines derived from various normal and diseased tissues from multiple species, representing a variety of immunological cells. ATCC routinely authenticates its cell lines using the following methods:

♦ Short tandem repeat (STR) profiling, to establish a DNA fingerprint                            ♦ Cellular morphology, which is monitored for consistency
♦ Cytochrome C Oxidase I (COI) Assay, for species determination                                  ♦ PCR testing, for mycoplasma detection

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면역 세포 수용체의 체크포인트 분자 발현 레벨

Tumor & Immune cell에 발현된 checkpoint inhibitory & co-stimulatory molecules에 대한 Full-version 자료가 필요하시면 아래 첨부 파일을 클릭해 주세요

THP-1 Reporter Cells

THP-1 luciferase reporter cell Lines은 NFκB, cAMP/PKA, MAPK/ERK 등 immune signaling pathway의 key transcription factor의 response element promoter에 의해 Luciferase 유전자가 발현되도록 THP-1 세포에 LUC2 유전자를 lentiviral transduction 후 single cell clonal selection 한 제품입니다.

Key Features Key Benefits
Fully authenticated parental THP-1 cell line No concerns about cross-contamination and misidentification, saves time and money
High signal-to-noise ratio Clear and more intense results, straightforward data analysis
Verified, characterized stable expression Reduced variability, reproducible results
Easy to culture, robust, and highly sensitive Ease of use, customer convenience
Amenable to complex experimentation (combinatorial stimulation, co-culture) Versatile and compatible with multiple platforms
High density cryopreservation More viable cells post-thaw



 Table 1. Available THP-1 LUC2 reporter cell lines (cat#를 클릭하시면 상제 제품 페이지로 이동합니다)

Response Element ATCC No. Signaling Pathway Function
NFκB TIB-202-NFκB-LUC2™ NFκB Pivotal mediator of inflammatory response
GAS TIB-202-GAS-LUC2™ JAK-STAT (Type II) Initiates immune cell activation and recruitment
CRE TIB-202-CRE-LUC2™ cAMP/PKA Inflammatory mediator and phagocytosis modulator
ISRE TIB-202-ISRE-LUC2™ JAK-STAT (Type I) Initiates immune cell activation and recruitment
AP1 TIB-202-AP1-LUC2™ MAPK/ERK Regulates innate and adaptive immune response
NFAT TIB-202-NFAT-LUC2™ Calcineurin-NFAT Mediates adaptive T and B cell activation


작용제를 주입했을때 활성화된 도식

Fig.1: Quantitation of immunomodulation made easy. To use THP-1 LUC2 cells, simply seed in a 96-well plate. Stimulate the cells overnight with your compound of interest, then incubate the cells using a luciferase assay system and read the bioluminescence signals using a luminometer. Your immunomodulation data will be bigger, brighter, better.

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