[NEB] HiScribe™ T7 mRNA kit with CleanCap® Reagent AG


신제품 HiScribe™ T7 mRNA kit with CleanCap® Reagent AG는 RNA yield는 손상시키지 않으면서 single simplified reaction에서 natural Cap-1 structure를 포함하는 mRNA를 co-transcriptionally capping 하기 위해 최적화된 RNA synthesis formulation과 trinucleotide cap analog technology을 적용하였습니다. 이 키트에서 합성된 Cap-1 mRNA는 transfection, microinjection, in vitro translation, preclinical mRNA therapeutic mRNA studies 및 RNA 구조 및 기능 분석 등 다양한 응용 분야에서 사용할 수 있습니다. 

  • Generate up to 90 µg of Cap-1 mRNA per reaction from 1 µg of control template
  • NTPs are provided separately to enable partial of full substitution of modified NTPs
  • Template removal and RNA purification reagents included
  • Includes linearized control template for use with CleanCap® Reagent AG for verification of RNA synthesis

Figure 1. CleanCap Reagent AG


Figure 2. Schematic of CleanCap Reagent AG Promoter and Initiation Sequence


Figure 3. CleanCap Reagent AG results in higher mRNA synthesis yield than the  ARCA analog

Figure_3._CleanCap_Reagent_AG_results_in_higher_mRNA_synthesis_yield_than_the_ ARCA_analog

All reactions were performed with 5 mM CTP, 5 mM UTP and 6 mM ATP.  Standard IVT reactions included 5 mM GTP and no cap analog.  ARCA reactions contained a 4:1 ratio of ARCA:GTP (4mM:1mM).  IVT with CleanCap Reagent AG contained 5 mM GTP and 4 mM CleanCap Reagent AG and was performed according to recommended protocol (Standard mRNA Synthesis, HiScribe T7 mRNA Kit with CleanCap Reagent AG).  Reactions were incubated for 2 hours at 37°C, purified and quantified by NanoDrop®.