[Proteintech] Monoclonal Primary Antibody 20% 할인

[Proteintech] Monoclonal Primary Antibody 20% 할인

행사 기간: 2023년 2월 6일 ~ 4월 24일까지  

• 행사 대상: Full-size (150 μL) Unconjugated Monoclonal Primary Antibody

• 행사 제외 대상: Proteintech 홈페이지 할인 행사와 중복 적용 불가

• Low background, high specificity

• KD/KO validated (품목 지속적으로 확대 중)

Monoclonal antibodies: Advantages and disadvantages


  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility (high homogeneity).

  • Possibility to produce large quantities of identical antibody (an advantage for diagnostic manufacturing and therapeutic drug development).

  • High specificity to a single epitope reflected in low cross-reactivity.

  • More sensitive in assays requiring quantification of the protein levels.

  • Low background noise. 


  • More expensive to produce. It is necessary to produce a pool of several monoclonal antibodies.

  • Requires significantly more time to produce and develop the hybridized clone (+/- 6 months).

  • More susceptible to binding changes when labeled (e.g. with a chromogen or a fluorophore).

Polyclonal antibodies: Advantages and disadvantages


  • Inexpensive and relatively quick to produce (+/- 3 months).

  • Higher overall antibody affinity against the antigen due to the recognition of multiple epitopes.

  • Have a high sensitivity for detecting low-quantity proteins.

  • High ability to capture the target protein (recommended as the capture antibody in a sandwich ELISA).

  • Antibody affinity results in quicker binding to the target antigen (recommended for assays that require quick capture of the protein; e.g., IP or ChIP).

  • Superior for use in detecting a native protein.

  • Easy to couple with antibody labels and rather unlikely to affect binding capability.


  • Batch-to-batch variability as produced in different animals at different times.

  • High chance of cross-reactivity due to a recognition of multiple epitopes (affinity purified antibodies display a minimum cross-reactivity).


제품 정보는 Proteintech 홈페이지(https://www.ptglab.com)에서 확인 가능합니다.
행사 적용 여부는 지사/대리점으로 문의 부탁드립니다.

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