[Proteintech] Immunoassay Kits 할인 행사

Proteintech - Immunoassay Kit 할인행사

행사 기간: 2023년 9월 4일 ~ 10월 30일

  • Sample: Serum, plasma, supernatant of cell lysates
  • 높은 감도와 넓은 분석 범위
  • 높은 재현성 및 일관성 있는 결과 제공
  • Kit에는 standard protein과 strip-well plate가 포함
  • AuthentiKineTM ELISA Kits: ELISA Kit 중 프리미엄 라인으로 Authentic human proteins (cytokines & growth factors)을 이용하여 만든 항체가 포함된 kits
  • 행사 적용 제외: Matched antibody pairs
proteintech elisa kits 제품사진
  • Magnetic bead가 항체(또는 streptavidin)에 결합된 형태
  • Column-free 프로토콜로 cell depletion과 isolation이 손 쉬움
  • Proteintech 내부에서 개발부터 validation까지 전 과정 직접 실시
Product Name Cat No. Method
CD3 Magnetic Beads MS002 Positive Selection
CD3 Magnetic Beads Kit
(Biotinylated CD3 Ab, Streptavidin magnetic beads)
KMS001 Positive Selection
CD4 Magnetic Beads MS003 Positive Selection
Human CD3 Isolation Kit KMS309 Negative Selection
Human CD3/CD28 T Cell Activation Beads Kit KMS310 T Cell Activation

Cell separation kits can identify and separate out desired cells for further research and analysis. Proteintech’s cell separation systems use magnetic beads with their high-affinity antibodies as the method for separation. A chosen cell type can be isolated or depleted from a cell population using two different methods: positive and negative selection.

Positive selection

Our positive selection products and kits use antibodies and magnetic beads to label the desired cells and remove them from the cell population. The desired cells stick to the magnet during separation and the undesired cells are removed. The benefit of positive cell selection is that the isolated cells are highly purified.

Negative selection

Our negative selection kits use antibodies and magnetic beads to label the undesired cells in a cell population for removal. The undesired cells stick to the magnet during separation and the desired cell is left behind in the depleted fraction. The benefit of negative cell selection is that the desired cell is unbound by antibodies, making downstream applications and analysis easier.

Enrichment of CD4+ T lymphocytes using Human CD4 Magnetic Beads_Proteintech_MS003

Enrichment of CD4+ T lymphocytes using Human CD4 Magnetic Beads (Proteintech, MS003): CD4+ T cells isolated by magnetic selection from healthy donor PBMC were labeled with CellTrace violet (Thermofisher) to track cell division and stimulated in vitro for 72 hours with plate-bound anti-CD3 (1ug/mL, Proteintech, 65133-1-Ig) and CD28 (2ug/mL, Proteintech 65099-1-Ig). CD4+ T lymphocytes show high purity and active cell division after in vitro stimulation.

Q: Can I do flow cytometry after using the beads?
A: You can use the ‘untouched’ cells in flow cytometry, but not the cells bound to beads. You can use either the touched or the untouched in in vitro cell culture and downstream assays.

Q: Are the beads internalized by the cells?
A: No, the beads are not internalized by the cells.

Q: Do you have untouched cell isolation kits?
A: Our Cell Isolation Kits use negative selection to isolate cells for use in downstream applications such as flow cytometry.

Q: Which magnet can I use your products with?
A: We have tested these products with a range of magnets, you can use the one you currently have in your lab!

Q: Do Proteintech have a magnet for cell separations?
A: This is currently in discussion/development.

Q: What is the size of the magnetic particles?
A: The diameter is approximately 2.7µM.

Q: Can I use these products to isolate cells from whole blood?
A: Yes, we have tested these products in whole blood, please follow the QR code on your protocol to download the whole blood protocol.

Q: Why would I use these instead of FACS or column-based MACS?
A: The protocol for Proteintech Magnetic Beads and Magnetic Beads Kits faster, and simpler than either FACS or column-based MACS, with fewer washing steps involved. The cells have undergone a gentler protocol during isolations.

Q: What is the shelf-life of the product?
A: The shelf life is 12 months at 4℃.

Q: Can I remove the magnetic beads from the bound cells?
A: We do not currently have magnetic beads with a release complex, this is currently in development.

Q: What is the recommended separation buffer?
A: PBS, 0.1% BSA, 2mM EDTA, pH 7.4 – you can also find this on your protocol.

  IHCeasy Kits IHC Prep & Detect Kits IHC Detect Kits
  ∙ Target specific pre-optimized 1차 항체가 포함된 Kit, 1,300여 가지 보유
Positive control slide 옵션 선택 가능
첫 시도에도 Publication ready data를 획득할 만큼 high quality의 제품
∙ IHC 실험 진행에 필요한 모든 기본 시약이 포함된 Kit
∙ Proteintech의 9,000개 이상의 항체 포함 및 모든 공급 업체의 IHC validated 항체와 함께 사용 가능
∙ Highly sensitive signal을 감지할 수 있는 시약으로만 구성된 Kit
∙ 모든 공급업체의 1차 항체와 호환 가능
Antigen Retrieval Buffer v v  
Washing Buffer v v  
Blocking Buffer v v  
Quenching buffer   v v
Primary Antibody dilution buffer   v v
Pre-optimized Primary Antibody v    
Secondary Antibody v v v
Chromogen v v v
Signal Enhancer v v  
Counter Staining Reagent v v  
Mounting Media v v  
Optional control slide (NEW) v    
Step-by-step protocol v    

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