[ORIGENE] 2022 프로모션 2탄! (Expression Vector, Recombinant Protein, CytoSections & Lysates)

1. 110여 개의 Tagged Expression Vector 20% 할인

행사 기간: 2022년 4월 11일 ~ 2022년 6월 27일

Why use our PrecisionShuttle system?
    • A large panel of destination vectors are available.
    • Destination vector offers a wide range of epitope tags for protein purification and detection.
    • Custom shuttling service available.

2. Native Protein 연구를 위한 1,800여 개 Recombinant Protein 30% 할인

행사 기간: 2022년 4월 11일 ~ 2022년 6월 27일

(한정수량 소진 시 종료)

MVPro는 HEK293T cells에서 만든 full length human protein 입니다. 
  • Purified human full length protein expressed in HEK293 cells with optimal preservation of structure and post-translation modifications (PTMs).
  • Multiple host available: HEK293 cells, bacteria, yeast, and insect.
  • Ideal for antibody development.

3. CytoSections & Lysates 20% 할인

기간: ~ 2022년 05월 30일까지


IHC/ICC를 위한 target protein expression이 검증된 Control 제품

Ready-to-use FFPE section of HEK293T cell pellets over-expressing target proteins (4 um)

Target protein expression is verified by western blot Both positive and negative (mock transfected cells) control are available for all targets genome wide

Available for all human proteins

All proteins are tagged at the c-terminal with myc-DDK (FLAG®)

Over-Expression Cell Lysate Controls

20,000 over-expression lysates of full length human proteins
Covering 80% of the human proteome
Expressed in mammalian HEK293T cells
C-terminal myc-DDK (FLAG) tag for easy expression detection and isolation
Format :
   20 ug lyophilized cell lysate
  100 ug cell lysate in RIPA buffer (includes 100 ug control cell lysate, 2x SDS sample

Whole Cell Lysates of Cancer Cell Lines

아래의 다양한 Cancer cell lines (NCI-60 human tumor cell lines)의 whole cell lysates를 편리하게 이용하세요!

♦ Breast Cancer    ♦ Central Nerve System     ♦ Colon Cancer     ♦ Kidney Cancer     ♦ Skin Cancer

♦ Leukemia     ♦ Liver Cancer     ♦ Lung Cancer     ♦ Ovarian Cancer     ♦ Prostate Cancer