[ATCC 웨비나 한국 단독 개최] Cell-Based Models for the Discovery and
Development of Cancer Therapeutics 에 초대합니다!

2024 코람바이오텍-ATCC Webinar


ATCC is the premier global resource for authenticated biological materials and reference standards.  ATCC has new tools for immunotherapy drug discovery, precision medicine, cutting-edge immuno-oncology reporter models, and our collection of advanced patient-derived organoid models developed in partnerships with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) / Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) consortium.The focus of this presentation will be the innovative new oncology products being developed at ATCC, and how our authenticated, predictive, and biologically relevant oncology models can help accelerate your research.

♦Patient-Derived Organoid & Human Cancer Models Initiative: Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI)와의 협력을 통해 ATCC가 제공하는 임상 환자 유래 다양한 2-D and 3-D patient-derived in vitro cancer models. 

♦CAR-T Target Luciferase Reporter Cells: in vitro co-culture & immunoassays 에 유용한 CAR-T Target Luciferase Reporter Cell lines (CD19, CD20 및 HER2 endogenous expressed cell lines targeted)

♦Checkpoint Luciferase Reporter Cells: Immune checkpoint inhibitor 연구 개발을 위해 제작된 PD-L1/2, B7-H3, PD1 & CTLA-4 endogenous expressed  세포에 Luciferase reporter gene 발현.

♦ ATCC Immune Cells: ATCC has the primary immune cells, including PBMCs and BM-MNCs, you need to design and test treatments as part of your research and development. ATCC biomaterials support complex, physiologically relevant research projects, including toxicity screening, transplantation and graft rejection, inflammation and allergy, vaccine, drug development, as well as cancer immunology studies. These authenticated immune cells are from a wide range of donors and can be used by immunologists to design almost any experiment.

** 웨비나 참석자께는 ATCC 세포 10% 특별 할인 쿠폰이 등록하신 메일로 제공됩니다.

2024년 03월 ATCC Webinar Presenter