[Cell Signaling Technology] CUT&RUN: A New Way to Analyze Epigenetic Marks and Mechanisms

C​leavage ​U​nder ​T​argets ​&​ ​R​elease ​U​sing ​N​uclease (CUT&RUN) is a new technology that can be used to explore protein-DNA-interactions. Current techniques used to map protein-DNA interactions have certain limitations. Cell Signaling Technology​ ​ (CST) offers a ​CUT&RUN kit that overcomes many of the challenges faced with other whole-genome mapping techniques. 

Watch this webinar recording to:

  • Discover the difference between CUT&RUN and ChIP
  • Learn how CUT&RUN is compatible with low cell numbers and reduces background when analyzing protein-DNA interactions
  • Hear first-hand how Paul Marie from the LBMC, France, has incorporated CUT&RUN into his research around NF-κB pathway activation